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‚Äč1982 Tours

1982 - Camping at Champoeg Park: Just a couple of years after acquiring our first tandem, a Schwinn Twinn, and adapting it for child stoking with an adapter I made myself, my son and I celebrated his birthday with a weekend camping trip to Champoeg State Park south of Portland. After this trip we knew tandeming would be an important part of all our lives. In the years from 1982 to 1993 the tandem was prominent in oodles of vacations, recreational rides, and one day events, but there was an 11 year span before we were able to get back into multi-day tours and rallies on the tandem. I think this was because time was so short while the kids were growing up.

Here we are ready to depart the house for Champoeg, a distance of about 25 miles. Note we are pulling our gear in our brand new Blue Sky trailer. We rode to the park, camped for a couple of nights, and spent one day just tootling around the park trails before riding home on the final day. It looks like his sister wants to go too!

Days riding: 3.

Distance ridden: ? Records lost.

Elevation gained: ? Didn't have an altimeter in those days.