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1999 - Bon Ton Roulet: In the spring of 1999 I sustained a neck injury and was off upright cycling for two years. We immediately acquired a coupled Rans Screamer and shifted to recumbent cycling for the duration of my recovery. The one flight with this bike was to New York for this excellent week-long tour in the Finger Lakes region. We still keep this tandem around, just in case of a relapse of my neck troubles. It's a joy to ride, and one of my favorites of our tandems.

Days riding: 7.

Distance ridden: 426.0 miles.

‚ÄčElevation gained: 13,980'.

1999 - Sierra Vista: Going with Santana Cycles again, we began the 1999 season with a winter sun rally in Arizona, starting in Sierra Vista and including a 4 day loop to Bisbee and Tombstone. We also took a detour with friends Ron and Kathy, to ride a short distance in Mexico, crossing the border at Naco. For this Santana rally we traveled with our Bilenky tandem. In this photo you see some of the scenery out of Bisbee.

Days riding: 4.

Distance ridden: 160.1 miles.

‚ÄčElevation gained: 7150'.

1999 - Sleeping Lady Tandem Rally: Leavenworth, Washington in the Cascade Mountains was the locale of this rally, put on by the Sleeping Lady Resort. This was a 3 day event, at which we were still riding our Screamer tandem.

Days riding: 2.

Distance ridden: 95.6 miles.

‚ÄčElevation gained: 3570'.

1999 Tours