‚Äč2007 Tours

2007 - Santana Big River Rally: In 2006 we rode no multi-day tandem tours. In 2007, all our touring was domestic, with no international tours (by tandem anyway - we traveled internationally both years, but not for tandeming). Anyway, the Santana Big River Rally was one of the best ever with them, mostly because of the music and because we got a really close look at the post-Katrina clean up in New Orleans. We flew to Memphis, and home from New Orleans. The rally was a week on the Delta Queen, riding each day and listening to Delta music each evening. Rosie (our 2001 Co-Motion Speedster CoPilot) was our bike for this trip.

TANDEM  Diversity



2007 - Santana Colorado Rockies Rally: We joined my sister and her husband for the Santana rally in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. There were rides as well as a white water rafting adventure out of Glenwood Springs. We drove to Colorado for this rally, taking Rosie along (our 2001 Co-Motion Speedster CoPilot).

Days riding: 3.

Distance ridden: 168.6 miles.

‚ÄčElevation gained: 6881'.

We celebrated Easter on the river in Port Gibson, Mississippi. 

Days riding: 7.

Distance ridden: 305.2 miles.

Elevation gained: 6857'.

I think my favorite of the tandem travel videos we've made over the years is this one of the Mississippi River Rally.