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This beautifully appointed and very stealthy-looking 2016 Co-Motion Carrera will serve you well as you lead the fast group on club rides or centuries, or as you enjoy a very intimate tour, just the two of you. With braze ons for fenders and rack, and with plenty of room for fenders, touring is definitely in its repertoire, but basically it is a light weight, go fast machine. Size is medium. Color is Pewter Gray. Equipped with the Nickel plated head tube badge and polished stainless rear drop outs, it is stunning in its beauty. With the Di-2 electronic shifting, it is stunning in its smooth, supple ride.

​And I should also note that I have upgraded the drive train on this tandem to more closely match the current Co-Motion specs. Originally the bike was equipped with 52/39 chain rings and 11-32 cassette, as seen in these photos. The cassette is still 11-32, but the crank sets have been upgraded to the new Co-Motion compact doubles, meaning the chain rings are now 50/34. This gives a high gear of 120" and a low of 28" (compared to 125" and 32" for the original drive train). An 11-34 cassette could be substituted for the 11-32 without any degradation in shifting performance.

This might just be the perfect tandem. Come ride it and see if you agree.

Pricing details:

Bike                                                   $6795

Di-2 shifting                                       $1000

Stainless drop outs (rear)                  $149

Nickel plated head tube badge          $20

Thudbuster stoker seatpost               $140

​Total for the bike as shown                $8104

For more info or to arrange a test ride: mark@tandemdiversity.com

​2016 Co-Motion Carrera, Di-2