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​2019 Carrera Di2 Co-Pilot

We've pledged to bring you bicycles that not only are durable and reliable, but also practical and especially, works of art. We want the bicycle you ride to serve you and to also make a statement about you and your choices.

This stellar 2019 Co-Motion Carrera Di2 Co-Pilot is a perfect example of how we keep that pledge. It has pretty much everything the modern tandeming couple might need or want. It is light and fast, but has braze ons for racks and fenders. The fork is carbon but there is clearance for fenders and decent touring tires. Do you want to race, to be out front on club rides and centuries, or just to savor the sweet ride together? Do you want to pack up and travel - see the world together? To do tours, supported or lightly loaded? If any of these are in your dreams, then this is the tandem for you.

This tandem is size medium, with a 2 cm head tube extension. The paint is a remarkable 2 color fade, Bronze to Tuxedo Black, topped off with the Co-Motion Lighthouse head tube badge.

The drive train is the Shimano Di2 system, with 50/34 chain rings up front and a whopping 11-40 rear cassette. Wow!

Touring friendly Panaracer Pasela PT folding bead tires have been selected, as have Profile Design Canta Ergo carbon bars for the stoker.

This is a truly elegant machine, capable of a diverse array of riding.

Retail pricing as shown: $10,600.00 (see details below).

Included options (above base Di2 co-pilot model):

2 cm head tube extension (additional $50)

2 color fade paint (additional $200)

Lighthouse head tube badge (additional $60)

Fork painted to match (additional $125)

Max adjust stoker stem (additional $155)​

Stoker carbon bars (additional $325)

Additional options to consider:

​Co-Motion Stoker Bag ($49)

Thudbuster stoker seatpost ($140)

Kinekt Body Float seatpost ($249)

2 travel cases ($790)

Frame padding kit ($139)

Please get in touch to arrange a test ride of this truly remarkable tandem. And also check with us for any special pricing/sales.