​2019 Carrera Rohloff Co-Pilot

TANDEM  Diversity



We've pledged to bring you bicycles that not only are durable and reliable, but also practical and most especially, works of art. We want the bicycle you ride to serve you and also to make a statement about you and your choices.

This 2019 Co-Motion Carrera Rohloff exceeds even what we thought possible when we made that pledge to you. We are very proud to offer this tandem to you, and we would not be at all surprised it you decided to frame it and hang it on the living room wall! This tandem has everything the modern tandeming couple wants, and more. It is a go fast machine, yet equipped with braze ons for racks and fenders, so it can't wait to go lightly loaded touring. The drive train is Rohloff hub paired with Gates carbon drive, a very durable, long lasting, and reliable set up. But, even better, the drive train has been upgraded with the Rohloff Twist Shifter Light paired with VanNicholas captain bars and stem. Sweet!

The fork is carbon, but there is good tire and fender clearance.

Do you want to be out front on club or century rides? Do you want to pack up and travel - see the world together? To do tours, supported or lightly loaded? Or do you just want to savor the ride together? If any of these are in your dreams, then this is your tandem.

The size is medium, with a 2 cm head tube extension. The paint is a very stealthy and understated 2 color fade - Pewter Gray to Tuxedo Black, topped off the with Co-Motion Lighthouse head tube badge.

The stoker enjoys the comfort of Profile Design Canta Ergo carbon bars.

Ok, if you want to ride it instead of frame it, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how well it can help you realize all your dreams. This bike is equipped with max adjust stoker stem and Profile Design carbon stoker bars, and is shown with the optional Avocet stoker saddle ($55 option).

Retail pricing as shown:  $11,650.00

Additional options you might consider:

Co-Motion Stoker Bag ($49)

Thudbuster Stoker seat post ($145)

Kinekt Body Float stoker seat post ($249)

2 travel cases ($790)

Frame padding kit ($139)

Please get in touch to arrange a test ride of this tandem. We think you'll, like us, be truly amazed at the feel, ride, and beauty of this unique tandem. And be sure to ask us about any special pricing/sales.