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2020 Mocha Rohloff Co-Pilot

The Mocha Rohloff Co-Pilot is a versatile tandem, especially suitable as a travel companion. So much so that we informally refer to it by the model name "Passport." The bike is enhanced by the durability and reliability of the Rohloff hub/Gates carbon belts drive train. The 650b wheel size not only results in a more compact tandem, easier to pack for travel, but also affords the ability to utilize a wide variety of larger tire sizes, excellent for touring, but still with clearance for fenders. And don't discount the Mocha as a useful, everyday, all rounder tandem. It is an excellent choice for touring, family cycling, travel, and adventure tandeming. Plus the wheel size might be attractive to smaller riders.

This particular Mocha embodies our promise to you to offer tandems that are not only practical but also works of art. Tandems that make a statement about your appreciation for usefulness and appearance both - about your appreciation for rugged beauty.

The bike is size medium, with 2 cm head tube extension and nickel plated head tube badge. It is finished in stunning Cortez Blue, with stainless steel drop outs. It is equipped for travel and touring, with all the add ons we at Tandem Diversity have come over the years to recognize, thanks to our own experience and to input from our traveling customers, as an ideal travel/touring set up. Highlights include the Rohloff shifter mounted on VanNicholas bars for the captain, Canta Ergo carbon bars for the stoker, mounted on the max adjust stoker stem, Avocet W30 stoker saddle, the Co-Motion stoker bag, Planet Bike fenders, and finally Racktime rack and rack trunk bag.

Retail price as pictured here is $10,783.39

Additional options to consider are:

​Co-Motion travel cases:  $790.00 per pair

Frame padding kit:  $139.00

Kinekt stoker seat post:  $249.00

Want to see and test ride this truly exceptional tandem?