The Co-Motion Speedster might very well set the standard for what an all rounder tandem should be. It is reliable and strong and the model has many years of proven experience. This particular Speedster sets the bar even higher; at the same time breathtakingly beautiful yet down-to-earth practical. It is equipped the way we've come to learn an all purpose tandem should be. Highlights include: Rolf Prima tandem wheels with Panaracer Pasela PT 700x32c tires; Shimano 3x10 drivetrain, with 105 derailleurs and Ultegra shifters; Gates Carbon Drive timing belt; Profile Design Canta Ergo carbon bars for the stoker, mounted on the max adjust stoker stem; and S&S couplers (co-pilot). Size is medium, with 2 cm head tube extension and metal head tube badge. Paint is stunning Ivy Green Mica to Tuxedo Black fade.

In these photos we show this bike equipped the way we recommend for recreational riding and light touring, with the followings options: Co-Motion Stoker Bag, Racktime rack and Talis Plus rack trunk bag, Avocet stoker saddle, Planet Bike fenders).

This is truly a remarkable machine, ready for everyday go-fast recreational riding but also capable of taking you on any adventure you want.

And note that, if you plan to do loaded touring, we recommend purchasing with this bike, a second set of (touring) wheels.

​Size is medium, with 2 cm head tube extension.

Retail pricing (as shown here but without the above listed options): $8444.00

Additional options to consider:

Co-Motion Stoker Bag: $49

Co-Motion travel cases (2):  $790

Frame padding kit:  $139

Thudbuster stoker seat post: $145

Kinekt stoker seat post:  $249

Let us know if you want to test ride this exceptional tandem.

TANDEM  Diversity



​2020 Co-Motion Speedster Co-Pilot