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The Speedster Rohloff (the model previously known as the Equator) might very well be the perfect all purpose tandem, especially in the coupled, Co-Pilot version. Capable of being your daily go to machine as well as able to handle any adventure you find, it is reliable, durable, rugged, and fun! And this one is eye candy too, with the Dark Torreador Red to Tuxedo Black fade paint job, stainless steel dropouts, and the nickel-plated Co-Motion head tube badge. We've equipped this one with some accessories we've learned over the years make for the perfect touring tandem. Features include: VanNicholas bars with Rohloff Twist Shifter for the captain and Profile Design Canta Ergo carbon bars for the stoker, mounted on the max adjust stoker stem. 

​Size is medium, with 2 cm head tube extension.

Retail pricing as shown:  $10,095.00

Additional options to consider:

Co-Motion Stoker Bag: $49

Thudbuster stoker seat post: $145

Kinekt Body Float stoker seat post: $249

Co-Motion travel cases (2):  $790

Frame padding kit:  $139

Let us know if you would like to take this work of art for a test spin.


2020 Co-Motion Speedster Rohloff Co-Pilot