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​2020 - Central America: We began the 2020 touring year with 5 weeks in Central and South America. The first half was tandem touring and the second half was Panama Canal transit and a visit to Cartegena, Colombia. The latter two adventures were undertaken with Overseas Adventure Travel and included a marvelous experience on a small ship in the Canal.

More importantly, though, was the tandem tour. For this tour in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama we chose Exodus Travels, and we are very happy to report they did an excellent job on all counts. 

We experienced excellent food, accommodations, route finding, and support. We felt safe at all times. Exodus not only shared riding with us, but also cultural experiences, history, and lots of wildlife. 

Here are a very few representative images from our time in Central America. As always, let us know if we can help in any way by answering questions or with assistance in planning.

By all means, please consider tandem touring in Central America with Exodus. We assure you it will be an unforgettable experience!


Days riding: 13

Miles ridden: 295

​Elevation gained: 14,573'

And here is an overview of the experience in video.

​And here is a video with Relives of the tour.

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