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2023 Co-Motion Carrera Rohloff Co-Pilot:

You may remember that a year or so ago we experimented with a concept bike, a Carrera Rohloff with 650b wheels. To refresh your memory on the reasoning behind this bike and how the idea came to be reality, you can read about the concept.

That original concept tandem has moved on to a new role in Albania, but we have brought another, near clone, to the showroom floor for you to try out. This is essentially the same tandem as the original but this one has polished couplers and stainless steel rear drop outs.

This truly redefines the adventure tandem. This is an all purpose tandem, constructed with a light weight steel frame and a carbon fork, paired with the durable and fun to ride Rohloff hub and Gates carbon drive belts.

No matter if you are riding a spirited local group/club ride, a loaded (lightly or otherwise) tour, a century, a gravel or dirt road, or indeed wherever your adventure takes you, this tandem will capably support you and will actually fade into the background, sort of like that well used, faded, comfortable pair of jeans. Only she is anything but faded. How about that stunning two color fade paint job. Well, ok, faded I guess!

Retail pricing is as follows, as you see the tandem pictured here:

Carrera Rohloff                  10220.00

2 cm head tube extension       50.00

2 color fade paint                   200.00

 (light blue to medium blue metallic)

Polished couplers                2695.00

SS drop outs                         259.00

Max adjust stoker stem         155.00

Metal head tube badge           35.00

Price as shown                  13614.00

Suggested possible add ons:

Co-Motion stoker stem bag     49.00

Kinekt stoker seat post          269.95

​Co-Motion travel cases (2)    449.00 each

Frame padding kit                  155.00

Please send me an email to make arrangements for a test ride of this fantastic machine!

​2023 Co-Motion Carrera Rohloff Co-Pilot