​2023 Co-Motion Steelhead Di2: In keeping with our pledge to bring you tandems that are not only durable, all-purpose adventure machines but also exquisite works of art, here is our latest offering. This Co-Motion Steelhead, size medium with 2 cm head tube extension and Di2 shifting is a perfect example of how we meet that pledge. The tandem sports the usual Steelhead features plus has a max adjust stoker stem for the co-pilot, 11-42 rear cassette (Co-Motion specs this with 11-40), for a climbing gear of 22.5", Stainless Steel rear drop outs, and Panaracer Pasela PT 38x700c tires (Co-Motion specs WTB knobbies and those are also included with the bike) for road riding, but you can jump on gravel and dirt roads too! The color is stunning - Dark Mahogany Pearl. Wow, what a beauty, ready to either take you on all your tandem adventures, or to hang on your living room wall. 

Weight as pictured here: 35.3#

Here's how the pricing looks on this tandem:

Steelhead                      8495.00

2 cm head tube ext           50.00

Custom color                   300.00

SS rear drop outs            259.00

Max adjust stoker stem   155.00

Metal head tube badge     35.00

Di2 shifting                      900.00

MSRP as pictured       10194.00

Suggested add ons to consider:

Co-Motion stoker stem bag   49.00

Kinekt stoker seat post        269.95

Email me to arrange a test ride of this remarkable tandem.

​2023 Co-Motion Steelhead Di2

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