Racktime Rear Rack and Rack Trunk Bag

This is exciting for us! We now stock rear racks and rack trunks by Racktime, a German company. The racks are produced by Tubus. These are very spacious and versatile bags and they attach to the rack using Racktime's Snapit system. It's a breeze to quickly mount the bag to the bike, and it's equally easy to quickly snap it off to carry with you, using either the handle on the lid of the bag, or the handy, sturdy shoulder strap. The shoulder strap makes it super easy to use the bag as a carry-on when flying. And speaking of flying, the best thing about the Racktime system for travel is that the rack comes apart and stores flat in your bike case. No more trying to fit the rack in among the bike pieces and no more scratches on your frame from a wandering rack!

Here the bag has both drop down "ears" deployed for extra storage, akin to having small rear panniers. Also note the zippered pocket on the outside in back of the bag, handy for storing small items such as keys.

The interior of the bag is very roomy. Approximate inside dimensions are:

Length: 13"

Width: 6-8"

Depth: 7" (10" expanded)

​The shoulder strap is stored in an inside pocket, when not in use. Note a small interior zippered pocket as well.

Just lift the lever with one finger and the bag releases from the rack. Lift by the handle on the lid of the bag.

This image and the next one illustrate the shoulder strap in use.

To pack for travel, the rack can be quickly disassembled and packed flat. The rack that is currently in stock is adjustable (see last photo at right) and will fit bikes with 26", 650b, and 700c wheels. It packs into an even more compact package for travel

The rack and bag are sold together. Retail price for the two is $168.52. This includes the rack and all necessary hardware, the rack trunk bag, the rain cover, and the shoulder strap.

Washington residents add sales tax.

Shipping is extra.

Please let us know if you would like to have this excellent and practical system on your tandem (or single bike)


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​The bag expands, creating extra interior space.

​As seen here, the rain cover is deployed for riding in rain.

​There is a rain cover stored inside the lid of the bag.

​Pictured here is the dark and light gray Racktime Talis Plus bag, with the flat black rack.

On each side of the bag is a storage "ear" that normally resides folded out of the way, but that can very easily and quickly be dropped down for extra needed storage space. Great for carrying rain gear and extra clothing, for example.

For travel the rack collapses and is packed in a nylon bag (we use the bag shown on the right - 16x11").