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Note: Please contact us to find out what tandems we have available for rental: mark@tandemdiversity.com.

​1950's Schwinn Town and Country triplet. Perfect for special occasions/photos/parades.

1950's Schwinn Town and Country tandem. Perfect for special occasions/photos/parades.

Bikes can be rented by the day, week, or month. Rates are as follows (in USD):

Bike only:

$50 per day

$200 per week

$500 per month

Bob trailer, when rented with bike:

$50 per week

Panniers, front and/or rear, when rented with bike:

$35 per week

Bike for travel (requiring disassembly and packing - not available for the Screamer):

Bike $300 per week

Cases and frame padding $100 per week.

Bike delivery:

Ask - depends on location

You can see that we are able to accomodate just about anything you would like to do. Suggested activities are:

Local rides

Visiting locally

San Juan Islands tours

Washington/Oregon/Idaho/California touring

Coastal touring

International travel

Get acquainted with recumbent riding

Recumbent riding while recovering from injury/surgery.

In order to rent a bike or accessories, a deposit will be required, and a rental agreement will be executed. Please contact Tandem Diversity so we can help you find the right rental for your needs.


1999 Rans Screamer, coupled, with suspension fork. Fitted with rack and fenders.


This bike suffered slight damage during its most recent rental so is out of service for the time being.

​Tandem Diversity's Tandem Rental Program

​The tandem rental program at Tandem Diversity has the bikes featured below for rent (updated March 25, 2019):