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Whether you keep your drivetrain clean or not, your Rohloff hub needs periodic service. It is recommended that you have an oil change in the hub once a year or every 3000 miles. Tandem Diversity can perform a hub oil change on your Rohloff hub-equipped tandem or single bike. We prefer to have the bike for an overnight stay, if possible - we allow the old oil to drain out overnight to ensure complete removal and to guard against overfilling the hub with oil.

(If interested, you can read our take on hub oil volume)

An oil change includes:

Clean with special cleaning oil

Remove old oil

Install fresh hub oil

Clean and lube gearbox

Clean belts and apply silicone protectant/lubricant

Limited safety check

     Check headset adjustment

     Check brake adjustment

     Check belt tension

     Check for proper torque on stem and handlebar bolts

     Check cables and housing

     Make any necessary service recommendations

Pricing is $50. This includes all the above service, labor, and small parts.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss scheduling an oil change, please send me an email:



​Rohloff Hub Oil Change