​Next remove the 4 bolts that secure the rotor (see above photo).

After removal of the bolts, the still-mounted plate will appear as in the photo above.

Removing the rear disc rotor from the Rohloff bike:

Take the rear wheel off the bike and remove the skewer. Next step will be to remove the axle plate seen in the photo above.

To pack the disc brake rotors after removal from the wheels, we make a "sandwich" of cardboard pieces. The "sandwich" has 3 pieces of cardboard cut slightly larger than the rotor diameter, with the rotors sandwiched in between and the whole thing held together by rubber bands. The "sandwich" can then be laid down in the bottom of a travel case.


​By Mark Owings October 2, 2016 - updated December 6, 2019 (see below)

​Secure the rotor bolts, tightening in alternating pattern to 7 Nm.

​Replace the axle plate.

​To reassemble, do all steps in reverse. First, take out the bolts and remove the axle plate. Slide the rotor on, as shown above.

Very carefully remove the axle plate as in the above photo. Be careful not to dislodge the plastic gear wheel that resides in the mechanism beneath the plate, and be very careful not to dislodge the external shifter mechanism itself!

​The photo above illustrates the appearance of the hub with the rotor removed and the axle plate still off. Reinstall the axle plate for packing the bike.

Traveling with disc brakes: ​To remove or not to remove, that is the question. Specifically, when packing a disc brake-equipped bike for travel, do you pack the wheels with the disc rotors on, or do you remove them for packing? We've done it both ways, so far without any damage to the rotors, but our official recommendation is to remove the rotors from the wheels and pack them separately; we feel the risk of damage to still-mounted rotors is great and bent rotors could very well end a trip before it even starts.

It's fairly easy to remove the rotors from most wheels, adding only a few minutes to the pack/unpack process. Most rotors are held onto the wheel by 6 Torx bolts. Most have stamped on them the proper direction of rotation and the proper torque for reinstalling. (Note: we highly recommend traveling with a small torque wrench as a part of your normal travel tool set).

In the case of the Rohloff hub-equipped rear wheel, it's not quite so simple, though still easy. With this wheel, you may need to do a bit of minor disassembly on the hub itself in order to work the rotor free. On some bikes the rotor will slide off with no problems, while on others it may not fit over the axle plate. This seems to be somewhat individual bike dependent. If your bike is one that requires some disassembly to remove the rotor, then read on, otherwise skip this.

The following photos and directions illustrate clearly and simply how to remove the disc brake rotor from a Rohloff hub-equipped rear wheel.

We wish you safe travels!

TANDEM  Diversity



The axle plate is held by 5 Torx 20 bolts. Remove them using a Torx tool as seen in the photo above.

​And finally replace the 5 bolts that hold the axle plate in place, tightening to 3 Nm.

Important Update December 6, 2019:

Please note that when removing the axle plate it is critical that the small plastic cog that lies beneath the axle plate not be removed or allowed to fall out. If it does come out, it must be replaced in exactly the correct position for the external gear mechanism to function correctly. If this should happen, take the bike to your Rohloff service expert to replace the cog in the correct orientation. Or, you can do it yourself, following the instructions in the Rohloff owners manual in the section that describes how to mount the external gear box.

Another note added December 15, 2019:

It appears that Rohloff has now redesigned the rear rotor, making the axle plate removal step unnecessary in order to get the rotor off. So if, for whatever reason, a new rotor is in your future, the axle plate removal procedure will no longer be! Here's what the redesigned rotor looks like:

​Then slide the rotor off.