Travel Cases and Frame Padding

TANDEM  Diversity



Details about the Co-Motion travel case can be found in the store on the Co-Motion website. Also on that website are the details about the various frame padding kits available from Co-Motion. 

​We've been using these new travel cases for a number of trips now and are quite satisfied with their performance, including ease of use and protection of the bike. The locking handles and side pull design make them a breeze for wheeling around airports, hotels, city streets, etc. In our experience they protect the tandem much better than hard side cases. Two cases are needed to pack a tandem. Retail is $449 each.

​The frame padding kits come uncut - you cut and label the pieces as needed for your bike. Retail is $199. You can see on the Co-Motion website the various kits on offer.

Let us know by email of you would like to make a purchase. Shipping costs would be extra, as would sales tax for Washington residents. We can be reached at

Note: Sometimes we have used cases in stock at a very reasonable price - a way to save significantly on the cost of getting travel ready. Let us know if you are interested in used travel cases.