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We visited some old favorite haunts along the Oregon Coast.

One of our favorite restaurants is Infusion Cuisine. It's too far from our house to bring take out back home (food gets cold), so we go there, get take out, and dine in the back seat of our van. We enjoy this regularly.


The Tandem Year in Review

​Like all the rest of you, our tandem year in 2020 was significantly impacted by the COVID pandemic. We managed to get in 5 weeks touring in Central and South America before the pandemic struck. The Seattle Bike Expo was shortened and shrunken. There were no tandem rallies. Customer visits to our shop were few and far between. To add to our misery, death visited us again in 2020; we lost a favorite, beloved sister-in-law and we also lost Mark's mom. We were not able to visit family as often as we would have liked.

On more positive notes, we did get to tour in sunny and warm places mentioned above (above photo is along the Panama Canal), we rode our tandems a lot, I built lots of wheels, we helped several couples along their life tandem journey, and we remained healthy. 

Here are a few photos that summarize the year:

​The Seattle Bike Expo was very limited. I worked the Co-Motion booth. After the show the world pretty much shut down.

Including a few socially distanced rides with friends.

​On the road in Panama.

And including a day riding on San Juan Island, a favorite destination of ours for tandeming.

We rode our tandems quite a lot. We rode 144 days for a total of 3100.3 miles.

​Taking in the sights in Cartagena.

The first 5 weeks of 2020 found us in Central and South America. We rode tandem through Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. We spent 2 weeks exploring Panama and the Canal, off bikes. We visited Cartagena, Colombia, also sans tandem. It was warm and sunny and ended just in the nick of time!

​Here we are in Panama City.

We wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy New Year (with lots of fun tandem miles!!).

Be sure to let us know how we can help you on your tandem journey.


​Early on, PPE were in short supply so Chris sewed masks for us.

In fact, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in August with a private dinner in the parking lot at Infusion Cuisine. This was a big year for milestones; we both turned 70 and we celebrated 50 years together, 40 on tandem.

​I built lots of wheels. One of my favorites was this radially laced wheel, a custom order for a non-cycling application.

​On the road in Nicaragua.

​We continued writing for RTR Magazine, including a review of this Pinion drive tandem.