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Co-Motion Tandems

Co-Motion Cycles has been hand building top quality tandem and single bicycles in Eugene, Oregon since 1988. They are unsurpassed in quality, durability, and reliability. Their bikes are carefully and professionally designed to provide the most reliable and comfortable ride possible. Bikes can be purchased coupled, with all the necessary accessories for trouble-free travel. Co-Motion has also perfected the union of Gates carbon belts with internally geared hubs from Rohloff and Shimano, to produce bikes that enable worry-free traveling and touring. We are very proud to represent Co-Motion Cycles; we have several Co-Motion bicycles in our own personal fleet and ride them regularly for recreation, rallies, tours, and travel.

To check out the full line of Co-Motion bicycles and accessories, visit the Co-Motion website.

Take a look at new tandems in stock here at Tandem Diversity.

And we often have one or more used tandems for sale. To see used bikes in stock, click on this used bike link.

And sometimes we have demo bikes available at a very reasonable price. Check our demo bike link.

Or, contact us directly so we can help you to select the bicycle, single or tandem, that will best suit your specific needs. We can then work with you to get your order in to Co-Motion. To begin, contact us by clicking here, or by emailing mark@tandemdiversity.com.

​We can assemble the bike and arrange shipping, or if you are reasonably local we can arrange delivery or pick up. 

Co-Motion Single Bikes

Although our focus is on tandems, we stock a selection of new single bikes as well, mostly to highlight alternative drivetrain technology.

Take a look at new single bikes in stock here at Tandem Diversity.

Sometimes we have one or more used single bikes for sale. To see what we have at the moment, check this link:  used bikes.

And sometimes we have demo bikes available at a very reasonable price. Check our demo bike link.

And you can see the full line of Co-motion single bikes on the Co-Motion website.

If you would like to discuss your single bike needs, feel free to drop me an email at mark@tandemdiversity.com.


Accessories we offer for sale on our website have been carefully chosen to enhance your tandeming and tandem travel experience. To see what we currently have available, check our Accessories Page.


The Rohloff enclosed hub, coupled with Gates carbon fiber-reinforced drive belts, has proven in our experience to be an excellent drive train choice for tandems and single bikes, not only for travel, but for everyday use as well. These systems require very little in the way of regular maintenance - periodic hub oil change and cleaning/conditioning of the belts is just about all that is needed. Our service menu is mostly directed at the Rohloff drive train. Click to check out the service offerings at Tandem Diversity.