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‚ÄčTandem (and single bike) Service

We would be honored to work on your tandem or single bike. We especially enjoy servicing tandems and single bikes we have sold or serviced previously, but that's not a requirement. However, we are sensitive to the other bike shops in our area. You may find that for some service needs, we are likely to refer you to a local bike shop.

For example, in order to avoid competing with local bike shops, we do not stock most small parts, disposables, clothing, accessories, etc. You can find good selections at other local shops.

We do not service suspension forks. You can find other shops in the area with expertise in suspension.

However, we do offer a complete range of service for tandems; you may not find tandem expertise at other local shops. We are especially experienced in servicing, troubleshooting, and repairing Rohloff hubs and Gates belts.

So, please bring us your single or tandem bicycle for service; we welcome all comers. But do also keep in mind the other local dealers when it comes to purchasing parts or accessories and obtaining service on most single bikes.

We also offer Rohloff hub oil changes as well as consultation on shifting options for the Rohloff system, including the Gebla Rohbox (see links below).

Rohloff hub oil change

Gebla Rohbox shifting system upgrade

Other Service Offerings

Email us to let us know your service needs. Thanks!