LATEST NEWS (July 22, 2017):

Pinion Drive Arrives at Tandem Diversity!

We now have our first Pinion drive bike in stock and ready for test rides (it's a single bike - this technology has not arrived in the tandem world yet). You won't believe how smooth and supple the ride feels!

Check it out on our Co-Motion Single Bikes Page.

Co-Motion Single Bikes in Stock

Although our main focus is on tandems and tandem cycling, there are some single bikes from Co-Motion that we consider to be worthy of our attention and that we want to offer customers for closer looks and test rides. To see what we currently have in stock here at Tandem Diversity, check our Co-Motion Single Bikes Page.

More from The Group Ride Podcast

Wes and his wife came up to visit our shop in Bellingham and to try out tandeming. They did a podcast episode on the experience, and they also plan to do more on tandems this summer, including attending the NW Tandem Rally in Seattle. You can catch the episode about their visit to Tandem Diversity at Episode 12.

Seattle Bike Show Podcast

As noted below, I helped to staff the Co-Motion booth at the Seattle Bike Show back in March. While there I was interviewed for a podcast by Wes Salmon of The Group Ride. Wes and his wife are going to visit us here at Tandem Diversity to catch our spiel on tandeming and to try out tandem riding; they plan to have more segments about tandems on future podcasts, including about the NW Tandem Rally, coming up in Seattle over the July 4th Holiday. You can catch the Bike Show interview. Go to 18:03 in this podcast to hear it. Thanks. Can't wait to have more fun with The Group Ride!

Service for your tandem

We now offer a limited service menu for your tandem. We perform Rohloff hub oil changes and we offer conversion of the Rohloff system from the original shifter to the new Gebla Rohbox shifting system.

For information about hub oil changes, check out our oil change page.

For information about upgrading to Gebla Rohbox, check out the Gebla page.

Rear racks and rack trunk bags by Racktime

We now stock for retail sale rear racks and rack trunk bags by Racktime, A German company. This is a versatile, sturdy, and easy to use rack and bag system. Check them out in our Online Shop(Note added July 22, 2017: We are sold out of these and unfortunately have no date for possible future availability.)

Seattle Bike Show

I will be working in the Co-Motion booth at the Seattle Bike Show this coming weekend, March 4 and 5. Please stop by to chat if you attend the show!

Revised tour summary pages

I received some great suggestions from my wife and a friend to make my descriptions of our tandem tours over the years a bit easier to read and more user friendly. These were excellent suggestions, thanks! I've implemented them, resulting in a brand new approach to this subject. Please take some time to check it out on the Our Tours page.

Tandem Touring in Vietnam

We spent most of the month of January touring and tandeming in Vietnam. This is a beautiful country with warm and welcoming people. We can highly recommend it for tandem touring, and we can highly recommend NZ Pedaltours as a tour company to organize tandem touring there. For a full assessment and photos, see our Facebook page. If you would like to know more about tandem touring in Vietnam, send us an email.

2016 - The Year in Review

For a brief visual tour of highlights from the tandeming year here at Tandem Diversity, check out our 2016 Year in Review page.

Coiling and uncoiling a Gates belt

Users of Gates carbon fiber reinforced belts can enjoy many thousands of miles of trouble-free and worry-free riding and traveling with the belts, but proper handling is key to keeping belts healthy and undamaged. I've put together a short video that details how to safely coil and uncoil a belt, very helpful skills for traveling with and/or storing belts. Check the News Page for a link to the video.

Removal of rear disc brake rotor from Rohloff-equipped rear wheel, to pack for travel

We recommend that, for disc brake-equipped bikes, the disc rotors be removed to pack the bike for travel. Removal of the rear rotor on a Rohloff-equipped bike is slightly more complicated than for an ordinary wheel, but still straightforward. See our clear and simple directions for Rohloff rotor removal and reinstallation.

Co-Motion Primera Ultra tandem

New in our stock this year was a tandem that represented the brain child of the folks at Co-Motion, with a slight enhancement by us here at Tandem Diversity. Specifically, this was a Primera tandem, modified with addition of a Co-Motion carbon fork, a Gates timing belt, and Rolf tandem wheels. We were pretty sure this would be an ideal machine for recreational rides, lightly loaded touring, and for travel, but to be sure we decided to do a rigorous test of our own. So, we took this bike to the UK and rode LEJOG on it (see below). Results were good. I will put a summary soon on our Facebook page.

​Lands End to John o' Groats

We just returned home a couple of days ago from riding LEJOG on one of our Co-Motion tandems. LEJOG (Lands End to John o' Groats), also known as End To End, is a ride from the most southwestern point of the UK (in Cornwall) to the most northeastern point of the UK (in Scotland). We rode with CTC (British Cycle Touring Club, now known as Cycling UK) and had an excellent ride, with good route selection and support. Total mileage was 1060 miles in 17 days of riding. I will post a summery shortly on the Tandem Diversity Facebook page.

Update to lycra and the washing machine

A couple of years ago I wrote a short piece on my progress finding a satisfactory way to launder cycling clothing (and other sport clothing, for that matter). The search for the perfect solution has been and still is an ongoing quest, but I am reasonably happy with the status of my lycra laundering these days, so have written a brief update on lycra and the washing machine.

San Juan Islands Tour 

​Registration for the San Juan Islands Tour is closed. We go to the islands often and can arrange a custom tour in the islands almost anytime. Contact to find out how to schedule your custom islands tour!

Tour de Lopez

Chris made a Youtube video of our weekend on Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. For a link to the video and for more information about us and the San Juan Islands, click on this link to go to our news page.

100 Facebook Likes

I can't say that I really know what happens now, but I am proud to say that we have reached the milestone of 100 likes of our Facebook page. To all of you who have "liked" our page, thank you!! To those of you who haven't yet done so, please "like" us on Facebook. You can go to our page to "like" us.

2016 San Juan Islands Tour donated to Interfaith Coalition

The 2016 Interfaith Benefit Tandem Bicycle Tour to the San Juan Islands

We (Mark and Chris Owings, owners of Tandem Diversity) have made the decision to donate the proceeds from the sale of spots in our 2016 San Juan Islands Tour to Interfaith Coalition here in Whatcom County. We are very pleased to support Interfaith Coalition and their programs. This is a coalition of local member congregations working together to eliminate homelessness and poverty in Whatcom County.

To learn more about Interfaith Coalition, go to the Interfaith Coalition website. To learn more about the tour itself, go to our 2016 San Juan Islands Tour page.

Thank you for joining us in supporting Interfaith Coalition. We hope you will choose to be one of the pampered couples on our tour!

And another note: for those couples who want to join us on the tour but do not (yet) own a tandem bicycle, a rental tandem and tandem riding lessons will be included free of charge!

Tandems (and singles) in stock for 2016

Whew! The showroom floor is filling up fast with tandems and single bikes, including remaining models from last year as well as a nice variety of 2016 models. No matter your intended use of your new tandem - travel, fitness riding, recreational riding, club rides, centuries, and yes even racing - we have the bike for you to try out and hopefully take home to join your family and to support your journey through your tandem life. So, have a look at our page of Co-Motion bikes in stock. Check back often to see what's new. Also, check out our page of used bike inventory.

2016 NW Tandem Rally

Scheduling conflicts with a tour mean we will be unable to attend the Northwest Tandem Rally in Klamath Falls, Oregon this year. We're looking forward to NWTR 2017 in Seattle!

2016 San Juan Islands Tandem Tour

The final preparations have been made for our August, 2016 tandem tour to the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington State. Registration is now open. Act soon - this tour will fill quickly! Click on the 2016 San Juans Tour page for info.

Rentals and test rides - a clarification

I want to make it clear that it is not necessary to rent a tandem from us in order to do an extended test ride. We are happy to have a test ride go for a reasonable distance around town, perhaps even for an overnight, depending on circumstances. Also, if you rent a tandem from us and then purchase a new one within a reasonable period of time, say 60 - 90 days, then we will credit the cost of the rental toward the purchase price of the new bike. In summary, if you want to test ride one or more tandems and you want the test ride(s) to be comprehensive, there likely will be no need to rent. To see bikes we have for rent, click on our rental page.

Rolf Wheel Upgrade

Our friends Bill and Evie Wheeler reviewed a pair of Rolf tandem wheels for the Summer 2015 issue of Recumbent and Tandem Rider Magazine. With the permission of the publisher, we've reprinted that review for you here. Probably more performance enhancement can be gotten from a wheel upgrade than from any other component. Take a look at the review and let us know if you would like to investigate further the possibility of upgrading your wheel set.

2015 - The Year in Review

To see a brief summary of our tandeming year in 2015, click on Year in Review.

Update on our tours

I've updated the page that summarizes our multi-day tours. To see this, click on our toursIn 2015, since I previously updated that page, we were fortunate to attend a couple of rallies and to ride several tours. In 2015 we toured in Colombia and the Netherlands, attended the Northwest and the Midwest Tandem Rallies, and rode tours in the San Juan Islands, Eastern Washington/Oregon, and Illinois.

Update on our tandems

I've updated information on our personal tandems and mileages. If interested, click on this link to our tandems.

Pump Review Follow-up

Previously we reviewed the Lezyne and Topeak travel and mini pumps. We found both brands to be good pumps we could recommend. We recently returned from a tandems-only tour in Western Turkey and have some follow-up on the Lezyne pumps, based on use on this tour. To see the follow-up, click here.

Tandem travel and climate change

We wanted to see if we could square our desire for and advocacy of tandem travel could be squared with our desire to be good global citizens. Short answer: Yes, we think so. Long answer: Read the article we wrote about the subject here.

Mini Pump Review

In the vein of travel, we wanted to compare a couple of readily available mini pumps from reputable makers, for on-the-bike use. See our evaluation of the Lezyne Micro Drive and the Topeak Road Morph here.

Check out all the news on the News Page.

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We believe there is much fun and satisfaction to be had by riding a tandem bicycle. The benefits are as open-ended and diverse as the riders! Tandem bicycling promotes a closely shared experience, the building of technical skill success, and chances to sample touring set-ups. It can provide a link to like-minded people who may enjoy riding for recreation/fitness, the thrills of competition, being in service to those differently abled, supporting a variety of causes and fund-raising, or who are just seeking family and/or relationship cohesiveness. Whether riding for a few hours or for days of a touring journey, tandem bicycle travel and tandem bicycle touring offer endless opportunities to glide to new places and to revisit favorite ones.

We are happy to share, and to support the sport from our collective variety of years of experience. We encourage everyone to give it a try at whatever level seems comfortable and possible...then begin exploring new horizons in the tandem riding experience, to feed curiosity and learning!

Let us know how we can help you with starting or continuing your tandem journey.