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We believe there is much fun and satisfaction to be had by riding a tandem bicycle. The benefits are as open-ended and diverse as the riders! Tandem bicycling promotes a closely shared experience, the building of technical skill success, and chances to sample touring set-ups. It can provide a link to like-minded people who may enjoy riding for recreation/fitness, the thrills of competition, being in service to those differently abled, supporting a variety of causes and fund-raising, or who are just seeking family and/or relationship cohesiveness. Whether riding for a few hours or for days of a touring journey, tandem bicycle travel and tandem bicycle touring offer endless opportunities to glide to new places and to revisit favorite ones.

We are happy to share and to support the sport from our collective variety of years of experience. We encourage everyone to give it a try at whatever level seems comfortable and possible...then begin exploring new horizons in the tandem riding experience, to feed curiosity and learning!

In addition to offering you any help you need on your tandem journey, based on our experience, we are also pleased to offer for sale many of the tools that can also enable that journey. We can assist you in acquiring Atoc/Draftmaster racks to carry your bike and we also have on offer a number of accessories. But most of all we are proud to represent Co-Motion Cycles.

We work closely with Co-Motion to bring you tandems that not only are among the best in class in terms of performance and value, but that indeed are works of art. We feel that your tandem says much about you as a couple or family. Therefore we are pleased to bring you tandems (and single bicycles) that are beautiful as well as practical and durable. To own one will speak to your appreciation of value and performance, as well as your eye for beauty.

And we are especially proud of our experience and growing expertise with the Rohloff enclosed-gear hub, mated with Gates carbon fiber-reinforced drive belts. We fully support all aspects of this ideal travel and touring set up.

Our overall goal is to offer you one place, a tandem Center Of Excellence, where you can fulfill all your needs and answer all your questions, to assist you in making your tandem experience together as fun, safe, and fulfilling as possible.

Let us know how we and our Center Of Excellence can help you with starting or continuing your tandem journey.

One other thing to keep in mind......you don't have to buy something from us to become part of our tandem family (though of course we'd prefer you did!). If you want to just chat, ask questions, get advice, whatever - just let us know. Maybe you'd like to chat about logistics of tandem travel? Maybe you'd like to ask questions or get advice about your Rohloff hub? It doesn't matter - we just like talking tandems - no strings attached. Email  us to get the conversation started.

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